Grievance Redressal Committee

To provide a hierarchical structure for presenting and settling workplace disputes among students and employees. The members of the Committee shall take the role of mediator to resolve the issues. Grievance redressal can be informal also.

Mechanism for Resolving Grievances

Grievance procedure begins with the affected person presenting the problem to his or her immediate supervisor within three working days after the offending event has occurred. The supervisor can either respond to the grievance and settle the issue or choose to escalate the issue to next authority in the hierarchy within two working days. The supervisor shall inform the Grievances Redressal Committee (GRC) about the issue either formally or informally. The GRC will record the issue in grievances register. If the issue is not resolved by the supervisor, the GRC handles the grievance escalating the issue up the chain of command till it is resolved
Chain of command for students: Mentor → Head of Department → Principal → Correspondent
Chain of command for laboratory staff: Faculty-in-charge of Lab→ Head of Department → Principal → Correspondent
Chain of command for other staff: Division/Department Head → Principal → Correspondent
Chain of command for faculty: Head of Department → Principal → Correspondent

Grievance of Student



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