From The Founder of Scoiety and College



By sensing the YSR district minorityís sufferings of inequalities in the accessibility of education and to minorities will bring substantial benefits to individuals and the society to achieve this goal he laid the foundation for tayyib Muslim Polytechnic College emerged in 1995. Alhaj Late M. Abdul Rahim sahebís belief that education is a tool for bringing socio-economical change in the society as is the underlying philosophy that guides the institution founded by him. with this motto tayyib muslim polytechnic college functions with great attention giving in career oriented causes and excellent teaching with modern methods to enable to acquire knowledge and skills helping them developed true professionalism integrating International standards by which they will be asset to the society and Nation

Alhaj Late M. Abdul Rahim saheb was a sterling example as a social activist who struggled to bring his vision of educational equality for minorities sacrificing is Managerial job of SBI and dedicated his entire life time and family in this endeavor he met several influential personís seeking there help and succeeded in achieving the goal. Alhaj Late M. Abdul Rahim sahebís faith, motto and vision continue to remain the guiding spirit that is inspiring as always to carry on the mission started by him with great zeal and commitment





Muslim Minority Institution Recognized by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh


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