Courses Offered

Duration of the courses & LTE Importance

  • The Duration of the course in three years

  • The various diploma courses in Engineering offered in the polytechnic courses duration and the areas of Employment as envisaged for placements as Technicians and Technical supervisors are given below, for information.

Sl.No. Name of the Diploma Courses Duration
Possible areas of Employment
Each Branch Seats
1. Mechanical 3 Years
In Public undertakings, Government Departments and private worshops and garages dealing with machinery, Transport, Production Units, Sales Etc. Self Employment in Anciallary units, Sales Etc. Self Employment in Anciallary units ans Sales in Mechanical Engineering Feild.
2. Electronics & Communication Engineering (D.E.C.E) 3 Years
A.I.R.D.D. Communications, Electronics & Computer Industries Etc., Self Employment in maintanance and servicing Radios, T.V. Etc., Self employment in sales and services.
3. Computer & Engineering (D.C.M.E) 3 Years Computer maintenance, Software Development, Computer trainings Etc., self employment in sales and services.
4. D.E.E.E 3 Years Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering